29 november 2006

de verwarde werknemer

Hugh Macleod, de man achter Gapingvoid, vroeg aan zijn lezers om een kort manifesto te schrijven over wat hen bezighoudt. Vandaag postte hij het manifesto van Anna Farmery, de schrijfster van The Engaging Brand blog.

Dit manifesto illustreert perfect mijn bericht van gisteren over je eigen verhaal leven als bedrijf, zowel naar je werknemers als naar je klanten toe.

Dit is Anna's manifesto:

If... a brand starts inside, an employee's confusion

1. If you believe in the strategy, why can't you explain it?

2. If talent is important, why is promotion based on your social circle?

3. If we are entrepreneurial, why do we make decisions by consensus?

4. If values are important enough to put on a card, why are they not applicable to leaders?

5. If the future is important, why do we spend time in meetings looking at the past?

6. If you embrace talent why, do you only speak to me about my weaknesses?

7. If we aim for a USP why, are encouraged to produce sameness?

8. If we believe in diversity, why are you all 40+, white and male?

9. If we need to cut development and R&D to hit budget, how can you afford a two-day team bonding session in a 5-star hotel?

10. If it is us that interact with customers, why don't you see we should feel the brand values first?

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