17 december 2008

woorden... zonder woorden

Eén van mijn goede vrienden, die tegelijk mijn inspiratie, sparring partner en collega was, is gisteren ontslagen. En deze mooie woorden uit zijn afscheids-email neem ik voor altijd met me mee!
Life is full of challenges. We should not shy away from them, no matter how tough! Failure is difficult, but it is much more preferable to try and fail than to never have tried. Fail enough times and (as long as you are still standing) you are sure to succeed. I am not sure if I failed, but even if I did, I do not regret having tried.

Seek always to improve! Seek to improve the quality of your work. Seek to improve your concentration and productivity. Seek to improve your happiness and the joy you find at work. Seek to improve your friendships. And, why not, seek to improve the number of Duvels you can drink without thinking you lost your iPhone!

Bedankt, Xavier!